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Outreach Inc

Letters of congratulations

Would you join Moody Radio in partnering with Outreach Inc. again this year to encourage soon-to-be high school graduates who have overcome the obstacles of homelessness to get their diplomas?

Outreach Inc. will be throwing a Graduation Open House Party for these young people in June and we are asking you, your friends, family and even your church to write letters of encouragement and congratulations to them to be put in special binders that will be given to each one as a graduation gift to encourage them for years to come. 

Want to do more?

If you would like to do more, include gift cards in $5 and $10 increments for places like coffee houses, department stores, drug stores, etc. These small extras are big blessings that these young people have not been able to afford.

Where to send your letters

For first names of the Outreach Inc. grads (so you can personalize your letters) and the address to which the letters must be sent, visit the Outreach Inc. website.



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